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Streamline Garage Doors repairs all your garage door problems

 Here at Streamline Garage Doors we specialize in service, that excedes our clients expectations. 
Streamline Garage Doors Repairs
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Some of the repairs and services we can preform on your garage door system
  • Damaged Panels 
  • Broken Springs 
  • Tune-ups 
  • Spring Adjustments 
  • Door Off Track 
  • Roller Changeouts 
  • Door Balancing 
  • Circuit board Replacement 
  • Programming 
  • Cable Replacement 
  • Door Reinforcement 
  • New Garage Door installation 
  • New operator installation
  •  Homelink Programing
  • Cars2You Programing
  • Annual Safety Checks
  • And Many Other Services

All service calls include a door inspection at no additional cost, and provide Clients with 24/7 Service.

We will be there when you need us.

Our Promise to you
We will try and answer any questions you have about your garage door issue, and help come up with the best solution.

We make sure our clients are happy with everything done to their garage, Streamline also uses top of the line parts with one of the best warranties in the industries.

We lube and tune all garage doors and openers as part of our service calls at your residence. 

We lube and tune all garage doors and openers as part of our service calls at your residence. (commercial service calls depends on how many doors.) we also balance doors, check door weight with the tension springs to make sure springs are not close to breaking. Check opener and make sure that safety switches are working and that the door reverses vs. hurting someone or damaging the door or item that the door is closing on.

Garage Door Systems
There are many things that can be damaged by a garage door system.

Your garage door opener is a very crucial in the daily operations of your door, a lot of people like to have their opener installed and never touch it while others feel the need to be checked monthly, semi annually or annually. While we all have our preferences on how often things should be checked out, you should really have a service professional out once a year to verify that everything is dialed in and working properly and to do preventative service on your complete garage door system.

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We strive to keep your garage door in peak working condition.

Things need to be checked every 6 months are the bolts that hold the opener to the mounts, and the arm that attaches the opener to the door, that the opener is lubed properly and there isn't any unusual slack in the chain or belt which could be a sign or gear wearing out. The monthly things you want to check are the sensors to make sure they are set properly and are tight not moving, also check the pressure switch operates properly and that the door reverses on a 2x4 set on its side.

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